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lkisaid thoughts, sounds, and creative miscellany episode 26
Sufjan Stevens – Chicago:

The natural world, in its most basic existence, shows us what life is all about. Before we began paving over so many lands and making things more convenient for the sake of evolving our minds, we learned from the stories of our surroundings. What we’ve created and now inhabit is a fantasy world. We are ruled by something that is not real. Our status, our wants, our desires, what we can and can’t have, are all guided by money. Thankfully, most of the things we can’t have are things we don’t need. But so many go without because they have no money. And often, they have been made poor and destitute by our parasitic institutions. Some see these people as diseased, some see them as subhuman, not even worthy of a better life. Some may say “If they wanted a better life, they’d go get a job.” Well, it’s not that simple, the world doesn’t want you when you’re destitute and dirty. If you can’t wash your clothes, you can’t get a job. It’s funny how in order to get the things you want, you have to have some of them already. But everyone needs something more. Each of us is looking for that one thing that will make us feel complete. That spiritual thing that will cure our disease, make us not want, make us love, not hate. Many don’t realize that this spirit of love is there already, it always has been. It’s in and around us and it envelops everything that ever was. But we insist on destroying it to try and make it better, ever advancing our technologies. We call it evil and do away with it and forbid others to partake. And then out of the goodness of our hearts, we decide to preserve a small portion. Maybe its because we feel bad for destroying so much of it already…perhaps it is simply to taunt the plebeian masses. Do we think that God cannot see what we’ve done? We build Him temples of wood and stone yet we debase the true holy temples of our hearts.

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