we must change the culture
of commodification
that enslaves the mind
with obsessions given
toward perfectionism and
all those isms that
cause schisms between
heart, soul, and head and
the body, everything we dream
shall be thus, our
thoughts need to be fixed
on love for one another
we are all neighbors
we share, we coinhabit
we rely upon sunshine,
our living earth
sustenance, growth
birth and rebirth
we are born again
and again our conversion
conversational, honestly
earnestly, we do know
there is no one
particular figurehead
to fight against,
it is an entire global
system of oppression and violence
that we must resist,
dismantle and persist
against, at all costs,
or we shall risk our
very souls and the heart
of the meaningfulness of
being human, living with
dignity, free to be
in love with All being
all my sons and daughters
you are sisters & brothers,
beautiful creatures,
light bearers, sing songs of love
please teach me to behave
more or less like children
alive in rapt awe
amidst great discovery
wonderment and charm
within our elemental
mystical inheritance
we heal the whole world
as we allow ourselves to
be healed through this
collapsing into awakening
inner mind, that
one Truth our mystics
and shamans, sages
and saviors, teachers
and preachers, friends
sisters, brothers of
love and peace embody
please be
one we are
we shall remain
same as our red clay
hearts and minds
beating, seeking
whole mind
one union
home to Eden
our plentiful garden

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