exposed to wild fire

lkisaid thoughts, sounds, and creative miscellany episode 32

the Truth is stranger than fiction – “Exposed…”:

theillalogicalspoon – Wild Fire:

The trees sing to the empire (Isaiah 14:8):
“Since you were laid low no tree cutter come against us.”
In the tree farmed managed moments of our lives. Our bark wasn’t strong to the lightning
Blackest night, bare branch, the moon is dead. O, come back that the light may be born again
Ideas are old, there’s no place to begin. Come O fiery Lord Undomesticated

Sow your seeds in the morning, don’t be idle in the evening, You don’t know what may grow
And the trees sing to us all: “Time for talking is done. This is a battle cry. Stand with us against the civilized.
This war they started soon will end, There are two sides now and only one will win.
Our branches are strong and our roots are deep, come feral children awake from sleep!”

There is fire in Your coming there is fire in Your eyes there is fire that we all must pass through only what’s of You survives
Baptize us in Holy Fire we surrender all our goods unto Your hands we commend our flesh and spirits till the end

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