grasping the wind in a pillaged land

Joshua Barton – Pillaged Land:
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Head Hang Low:
theillalogicalspoon – Grasping the Wind:

the girl’s story:

You find yourself climbing your windowsill, out running in the backyard, walking on the side of the road at dusk alone.

Analyzing each page in the life you lead who you are and who you want to be trying to find the meaning of your personal history deep in your brain.

Change is the only constant theme. The moon and the sun are touching two extremes of the sky and in-between you sigh you see a field of corn.

In which a silver balloon says “happy birthday”, you grab its’ tail and you drift away, and as you sway in the wind it begins to say “Don’t worry you’ll be forgotten sooner than you think.”

Don’t worry you’ll be forgotten sooner than you think.

And the trees heard the wind and they joyfully responded “hallelujah!

And the last lingering light said don’t worry it’s all right “hallelujah!”

O my, o my, o my hallelujah!

Now lay aside all earthly cares. x 3

the guy’s story:

Sauntering across the snowy hill I thought I was alone. The earth laughs at me still.

Every time I look for something it’s always the same I find it where I’ve already looked but I couldn’t say that ahead of the time when all had been tried.

Then woe was me if I did not speak after living in the basement like a hermit for weeks I was trying to think through everything and that is hard.

Strained flood plains of ideas through my tired eyes to find out what had worth I found me a wooden boat all ready to row across the earth.

I laid down to drift. It headed up the mountain ridge. When we came down again it said “There is nothing new my friend”.

Then the clouds like angels up there said clear “All your good words will fall upon deaf ears. And though you must bother soon your boons will be gathered to all your fathers who’ve gone before.”

And immediately the sky proclaimed a most unashamed toast to say, “hallelujah!”

And the soil said, “cheers, rejoice in the years you have to live and sing : hallelujah!”

O life is hard. O life is hard. Hallelujah!

Now lay aside all earthly cares. x 3

When they meet:

Then you were there and there was I.

We walked together like morning light it was something new!

Through seasons, past the barns and farms, and the geese and the Spirit and the weeks we spend picking up trash off the fields and the roads. By the ponds and the paths we found mysteries and broken glass. We laid down in the tall grass.

When we woke up you said, “What if this is what we always did?”

Then freedom like a wild forest grew in my heart and brain, but the earth warned we would not remain, “Days under the sun they saw, saw, saw away.”

We’d rather stay together all the same to find mysteries and broken glass in the drain.

Two are better than one. So I’ve heard.

You dance like the light and I’ll play like the wind and we’ll sing, sing, sing again.

Swim across the lake light a fire to dry our skin and we’ll sing, sing, sing again.

And again and again and again sing hallelujah!

Now lay aside all earthly cares. x3

Draw near to hear.

Pay what you say.

He’s in heaven your on earth.

Draw near to hear.

Leave empty dreams and speeches

now let your words be few.

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