Living in Spirit and Truth

no matter how closely we attempt to scrutinize ourselves, our motives and intentions, we can never be completely sure that we are doing God’s will. at best we do what we feel is right or what we feel “lead” to do. often these actions are clouded by our own desires and our wanting to know that we are “doing the right thing”. however, God is relational…His will is not some construct or formula to be figured out. He desires our complete attention and requires us to sacrifice every living moment to Him. this requires much discipline on our part because one instant of wrong-thinking can lead to years of agony and self-abuse. we continue to beat ourselves up over habits and addictions that we fall prey to on a daily basis. but rarely do we just sit, (in that moment of temptation) be still, and know that He is God. this is why it is so very important that we pray without ceasing. if we are at least attempting to keep in constant communication with the Lord, His will manifests itself, many times without our realization of it. Lord, help us say more and more each day, Thy will not my own. Amen

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