the hours

lkisaid thoughts, sounds, and creative miscellany episode 37

theillalogicalspoon – the hours:

There was so much life! There was so much life! But I wanted to die
(i hated my toil cause I could always say “so what?”)
I couldn’t see how to grasp that flower, every time my hands touched it, it began to wither
The moonlight picked a spot to shine to pull the earth hither, but it could not detach a blossom from the dark of my desires
I thirsted for that wine of joy, I pulled the cork -a trigger- it didn’t deliver, instead it ricocheted i sat and watched the bottle shatter
I’m trying to find something that I cannot find, I’m trying to find something I cannot find
My heart started thumping, but it left me behind.

There was so much life! There was so much life! But I fell asleep
(you should never sleep because there is so much to find out)
I hated my toil cause I could always say: “so what?”
If I do or if I don’t it doesn’t matter much
Everything is wearisome, man cannot explain
took the road less travelled it was pretty much the same
House of boredom and wondering why
wishing I was some place else, too weak to cry
Worked myself up saying it’s good to be alive
but in the end though wise or fool everybody dies
While were here the days go back and forth between chaotic stress and nothingness feelings of vanity
Even walking with my Lord joy’s home
The distance is more obvious I most feel alone.

The hours they have nothing to give
never the less we must live
the hours they have no guarantee
this applies to everything.

There was so much life! There was so much life!

from experiment #3: remember your creator in the days of your youth, released April 15, 2008


oh my how high you
fly up in the sky
don’t you know you
can come down
on down to the ground where
I ramble round this
old town, same old
place I’ve always been
lost, but now have
been found laying
at your feet
Lord I am unworthy
of your faithfulness
but I am learning
and yearning for your
face like the sun
to come shining
through to burn
away the chaff
weighing heavy
upon my heart

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