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Our Father – Princess Ileana of Romania Mother Alexandra – Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer



Our Father, Who art in Heaven

TO Thee, my Creator, the cause of all my life and being, I dedicate this day. To Thee, to whom I owe my life in all its forms, I give myself wholeheartedly. From Thee come my thoughts, my power to think, to rationalize and put my ideas into action. To Thee I owe my body and my feelings; from Thee I have my hands and feet, my eyes and my tongue. I yearn this day to use all that I am to that purpose for which Thou hast created me.

Thy child I long to be in thought and word and deed, to love Thee with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind.

Father, Thou art everywhere and yet nothing encompasses, nameless because no name is worthy of Thee, Thou Infinite One, who in Thy heavenly glory can yet comprehend my finite need and boundless longing, hear my prayer: let this day bring me closer to Thee.




Hallowed be Thy Name

AS I turn me to rest, my soul doth magnify the Lord. From the depth of my grateful heart I thank Thee for all the opportunities of this day. Thy Holy Name have I sought ever to hold within my heart. Forgive me wherein I have failed in worthily bearing witness to Thy glory.

Thy Name I dare not utter, too holy is It for my sinful lips, yet upon it do I dwell. In Thy Name have I found the strength and the patience to love and to laugh, to sorrow and to cry with my fellow man.

Thy Name to praise has been my goal. Though far short have I fallen of this my desire, yet to it again I turn.

Foot weary and sore at heart, my comfort lies in the Name of Jesus as in It also now I find my rest.

I pray Thee, let the Holy Name, even as I sleep, dwell within my loving heart.



Our Father Carpatho-Russian

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