Our Father Tuesday Meditation

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Our Father – Princess Ileana of Romania Mother Alexandra – Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer




Thy Kingdom come

AS the new day dawns and new opportunities lie before me, Thy humble servant, let me never forget Thy Kingdom. Send me, I pray Thee, as one of Thy emissaries, that there where I am Thy Kingdom may have a staunch witness.

Such as I am full of fault and ineptitude, take me, use me, where most I can be of use. Let me, like the rain worm, do my share of moving some grain of soil in Thy vineyard; that I may partake in some small way in Thy redeeming work. Let me, O Lord, bring that particle of soil upon which my shadow falls back into Thy Kingdom, because I am Thine.

Throughout this day let me not look hither and yon in vain search, but make me conscious, I pray Thee, O Lord, that Thy kingdom is within me through Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God.




Thy Will be done

THY will have I sought throughout this day, a willing instrument have I tried to be. Both joy and sorrow, recompense and penalty, have I done my utmost obediently to accept, and gratefully have lived each hour such as it has come to me, seeking to react as Thou of me wouldst want.

I sorrow over those moments when I have let my own willfulness triumph over Thy demand. Pardon, I pray Thee, the temptation I had to shirk the unpleasant, to dodge the issue. The spirit is truly willing, but the flesh is weak.

O Lord, Thou, who knowest so well how weak we are, strengthen me to do Thy will in all things and let no lesson in obedience pass me by.

Let not this night’s rest, O Lord, be to my shame or my weakness, but to my strengthening so that in all things and at all hours of night or day I, Thy will may do.


Our Father Carpatho-Russian

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