Our Father Wednesday Meditation

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Our Father – Princess Ileana of Romania Mother Alexandra – Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer



On earth

AS it were in heaven let my day be. In all I undertake let this be my guiding motif—Thy will on earth to carry through in what I say and what I do. Help me to help others and so to forget myself. Teach me to make this earth more pleasing in Thy sight. Help me to be brave and patient, loving and understanding; yet let none of these virtues divert me from doing on earth as in heaven would be done to honour Thee.

Let me, dear Lord, judge myself and my motives correctly so that I can make the right decisions in Thy sight. Let me seek no selfish aim. Let nothing come between me and Thee, neither those I love nor my loyalties. Let me first seek what to Thy Glory is, O Lord, then can I but be fair to all and even to myself.

Let me not put off what to-day is to be done, for now and here is the appointed time and place; every hour, every minute is the golden opportunity. To know and fulfill on earth Thy will. This earthly day I dedicate to Thee, O Christ!




as in Heaven

ON earth this evening, O Lord, have I come closer to heaven for each day, each hour more of Thee I learn. Patiently having striven to be true to Thy word have I seen Thee reflected in all things, in the sun and rain, in the smile of a child, in the fresh breeze, in the stillness of heavy air, in my work, in my contact with other men. Everywhere is the work of Thy hands, all we have wrought we have made out of Thy material. For all these things I bless and glorify Thy Name. As the shadows close around me and night covers the earth and all things turn to their rest, I close my eyes in utter thankfulness for all that life has given me up to this hour. My soul overflows with gratitude for all Thy loving kindness.

In peace and confidence I lay me down to rest fearing no hurt, for this very ground upon which I lie is Thy footstool and thus blessed of Thee and a foreshadowing of heavenly bliss.


Our Father Carpatho-Russian

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