Our Father Saturday Meditation

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Our Father – Princess Ileana of Romania Mother Alexandra – Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer



Lead us not into temptation

FROM temptation spare me, O Lord. Let me not fall a victim to the wiles of the enemy who stands ever ready to guide me amiss. Let me distinguish the pearl without price and not be dazzled by the tinsel and the gold. Teach me to guard my tongue from useless words. Help me always to ask myself: is this of good report? Am I by saying or doing this working for the Kingdom of Heaven? Or am I serving Satan and his angels? Give me clear eyes and judgment that I may throughout this day make the right choice. Where there is darkness, let me see light; in the midst of turmoil let me find the core of stillness. Let no fear enter my soul, but teach me bravely to face every problem and all enmity and never let me compromise with evil. Let me never forget that man does not live by bread alone, but by Thy word. Let me owe no man anything but love so that in loving one another we may fulfill Thy law and set temptation at naught.




But deliver us from evil

O LORD God, let me give the evil one no grounds to have a hold on me, neither waking nor sleeping. In this world of tribulation I shall have no fear because Thou hast overcome the world and its prince.

I trust myself under the guardianship of Thine Angel; let him cover me this night with the feathers of his protection that I may rest secure from any assault of the enemy. I shall not fear the terror that walks in the darkness. As through this day Thy loving kindness has shielded me, even so this night be my safeguard, O my gentle Lord.

I thank Thee and bless Thee for all the good things of this day, for the protection of my dear ones, for the numerous blessings that we, all Thy creatures, have experienced this day, especially for those moments when we have overcome the wiles of the evil one.

I entrust all my nearest and dearest to Thy loving care. Because the Lord is my light and the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? Glory be to Thee, 0 Christ.



Our Father Carpatho-Russian

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