Our Father Friday Meditation

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Our Father – Princess Ileana of Romania Mother Alexandra – Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer



Forgive us our trespasses

FULL of fault am I, my sin is ever before me, I start out Thy debtor in every way. I strive to keep straight but ever and again I fall. My one hope lies in Thy mercy. Yet, O wonder, were it not for sin I would not have known Thy loving kindness, the power of Thy forgiving love through Jesus Christ, my Lord.

As I start out upon this day seeking to come closer to Thee in all I do, it is the knowledge of Thy power to turn even my faults to good purpose that gives me the strength to go forth and do my work. In my past lie many transgressions I cannot of myself put right. The weight of them lays heavily upon me. But Thou hast said: ‘Come unto me all that are heavily burdened.’ To Thee I come, O Lord, humbly praying that this day may pass without sin and that I may make retribution, ever remembering the pain Thou didst suffer for me and all mankind, and thus keep to the true and only path that leads to Thee.



As we forgive those who trespass against us

AS I forgive, I ask to be forgiven! As I forgive N (think of the person you most dislike), how little mercy I deserve, for how little am I able myself to forgive! Were I to be judged as I judge others, what hope do I have?

O Lord, move my heart to love and forgiveness. Teach me true compassion, with kindliness to look upon my neighbors’ faults. Still within me the aggravations of this day and my unjust criticisms, let me see myself as I truly am, help me to judge my own reactions rather than dwell upon those of others. Help me to banish from my heart and memory all resentments, anger and annoyance. Even there where my dislike is justified, temper my feelings with charity and contrition for my own share in the world’s sin. May I this night and at all times forgive seventy times seven and be worthy of Thee and not have to fear Thy judgment, for Thou art faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


Our Father Carpatho-Russian

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