who’s the cowboy now? testify!

lkisaid thoughts, sounds and creative miscellany episode 44

theillalogicalspoon – who’s the cowboy now?


I saw the tears of the oppressed.
They had none to comfort them.
So I said better than this misery is to have never entered this history.
Unless you trespass onto the life they’ve stolen from you.
“You come on my property I’m bound to get my gun, you thought this was a free country, but I’ma teach you boy these colors don’t run!” x 2

“Who’s the cowboy now? You ain’t never been on the range, but I saw you down there on the internet microwaving your brains.
Who’s the cowboy now? I’m the one with the stolen land. My only fear is that when this all comes down the wild things are gonna come and take it back!”

Did you kill the man you(who?) killed you? x 4
I ain’t dead yet! x 4
“Every night and every morn some to misery are born
Every morn and every night some are born to sweet delight
Some are born to sweet delight Some are more to endless night” – William Blake
But not this one because I trespass! I trespass!
Alive, alive, alive!

from experiment #3: remember your creator in the days of your youth, released April 15, 2008


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